Importance of Prop Guards and How It Can Help

prop guards

The prop guards are best used for the stern drive units, outboards and for commercial vessel or yacht tenders boats. They are manufactured with high-end polypropylene. It helps in better controlling directional forces and increases the efficiency of a propeller.

Basically, a prop guard can serve two main purposes. It includes:

It protects propeller and the gearbox from all types of damage if in case a prop strikes with any hard object like a rock.

On the other hand, it protects every person in such circumstances when they come in contact with any of the moving propeller.

Improves efficiency

Some of these prop guards are designed in the best way for serving both the purposes. It stands effective in every nature. Moreover, it improves efficiency and helps a lot in saving fuel without any performance loss. Apart from this, all the boat owners can get them at the lowest prices.

Prop guards

Increases safety levels

This is truly a unique safety product which comes without any electrical wiring, hydraulic hoses or moving parts. One can install it few seconds with minimum tools. It is best for the stern drive and outboard applications. It can increase your safety levels and can boost well your overall performance.

This safety guard offers protection to all the divers, water skiers and all the people that are in and around the boat. This is a must-have boat rescue which can keep the solid water around the propeller. It also assists in taking tighter turns and prevents sideways slip.

How to Shop the Best Grease Pump for your Dream Boat

Sailing in the sea could be a risky affair because things could go wrong in the middle of the sea making you seek help. Especially, the engine and all mechanical parts must function the way they should be and for that you need devices.

One of the basic devices that all the ships must have is marine grease pump for lubrication. As a ship owner or management company, you should find the best marine equipment provider.


Finding the best grease pumps:
The first thing that you need to understand the fact that, there are various types of pumps available in the market that includes, pneumatic pumps, bottle grease pump and manual pump. Therefore, you should choose the right pump that can offer you convince and performance.

When you are looking for a grease pump, you must find the best pumps supplier that specializes in offering products for the maritime industry. Since specialists have the right kind of knowledge, they would be in a better position to give you the right kind of products.

It is advisable that you should find an online supplier like Safe Sea Shop because they could offer you products at a better price range. However, you should be able to verify their track record by looking at a few testimonials and reviews.

When searching for the lubricant pump, you should be able to find the best supplier that can offer you the pumps at a better price range. It is time to empower your ships with highest grade devices and keep them floating nicely.

Why should you get a Kanberra air purifier?

One of the biggest markets for Kanberra® is the marine industry.Today customers worldwide have discovered the gel and spray offer a revolutionary way to clean air and remove odors on marine vessels. Here are the motivations to consider getting a Kanberra air purifier or Kanberra spray, gel, soap and wipes for your boat.

Kanberra spray

Reason #1: Pollution

This truly is the principle essence behind the majority of the reasons that you ought to consider purchasing an air purifier for your boat. Nowadays, more contamination is being taken in by the tenants at a disturbing rate.

Reason #2: OutDoors

Sprays and cover powders don’t complete a thing to dispense with smells. They simply veil or conceal those waiting olfactory guilty parties. Periodically we can’t smell the odourless idea of our boats because of the way that we are shrouded in our very own fragrance and thus need Kanberra gel.

Kanberra gel malta

Reason #3: Cancer prevention

Kanberra wipes

How frequently do we hear accounts of individuals biting the dust from lung disease who never smoked multi day in their life? Tragically, Lung disease and all other kind of tumors caused by toxins noticeable all around are on the ascent. Thus, to control we need Kanberra soap and Kanberra wipes as these doesn’t have any chemicals, they are made from pure tea tree oil.

Kanberra soap

Reason #4: Allergens prevention

Allergens can transform a magnificent day into a stuffy, irritated bad dream. Simply basic things like residue and shape, normal to relatively every family unit, can cause a hypersensitivity sufferer long stretch of sadness. Numerous hypersensitivity specialists exceptionally prescribe for direct to server endures to have an Anti-mold air purifier Malta in their boats with an enemy of allergen HEPA channel.

Anti-mold air purifier Malta

Any individual with a bargained insusceptible framework will verify the way that pathogens spread effectively through the air. One apparently favourable sniffle can wreak ruin on a discouraged invulnerable framework.

Touch up Paints – Keep Your Boat Motors Protected!

The motors of the marine vessels need to be protected from rust and corrosion to ensure their smooth working. As the engines and motors of boats are usually in the open, they are prone to getting corroded from the salty sea water or sometimes polluted river water as well.

Using a good quality boat motor paint is recommended as this will ensure overall protection from rust, corrosion and damage.

boat motor paint

Finding the Best Paint for your Boat

With the plethora of companies offering boat motor paints, finding the best one can be a challenging task. However, you can rely on Safe Sea Shop / Safe Sea Marine Centre for any of your requirement of engine spray paints.

Having been in the business for a long time now, we are well versed with the adversities that marine vessels have to face each day not only when they are in water but also when they are in the dock. Adequate paint protection gives the motors a long life. The high quality corrosion resistant paint protects the motor from being damaged by the elements.

The paint that we offer for the boats and the motors is high quality and it forms a coating protecting the surface underneath from being affected. You can choose from a range of colors that match your boat and protect the motor from getting spoilt.

If you wish to know the prices of our boat motor paints, you can talk to our consultants. They will not only provide you information about the prices of various paints but also guide you on boat and motor maintenance.

Best Pick for Marine Water Heaters

Safe Sea Marine Centre, is the most popular and trusted brand for the manufacture of marine products and a complete variety of engine parts. We have now come up with new kind of outboard motors and new marine engines. Our company offers a wide range of excellent services for both on site and off site repairs. Safe Sea Marine center excels in all boating requirements and has a huge range of boat accessories. We use innovative and latest technology for the manufacture of all our marine equipment, especially, water heaters.

water heaters for boats

Marine Water Heaters

Safe Sea Marine Center is one of the leading suppliers of marine water heaters. If you wish to buy water heaters for your dreamed boats, our company is the perfect choice. Because we not only give you the best service but our water heaters are manufactured using latest technology.

4 Types of Water Heaters provided by Safe Sea Marine Center

1. Water Heater- Capacity: 76 liters- There is a kit for camping gas bottles in a container which is watertight. Includes pressure regulator 30 mbar, 3 flexible hoses of 65-80-120 and 1 intercepting tap.

marine water heaters

2. Water Heater-Capacity: 42 liters- Includes pressure regulator 30 mber, 3 flexible hoses and 1 intercepting tap.
3. Water Heater-Capacity: 22 liters- Stainless steel casing with corrosion resistant water heaters. Has heat exchanger. Complete with ignition-protected controls, high temperature and pressure release valves.
4. Water Heaters-Capacity: 30 liters- They have stainless steel and polyethylene casing. Electric resistor 220 V-1200 W.

Once you have bought marine water heaters from Safe Sea Shop, you will be totally satisfied with your choice.

A Complete Range of Boat Cleaning Products

Safe Sea Marine Centre takes ultimate care of all your needs, even the maintenance of your boat. It offers a wide range of boat cleaning products to keep your boat spic and span. You do not have to worry or hunt for the cleaning products and accessories anywhere else in the market. Our products are best suited for all types of boats. We have introduced some finest boat bilge cleaner for sale, which are reasonably priced for their valued customers.

Bilge Cleaner

The boat cleaning products by Safe Sea Marine Center are


Boat Bilge Cleaner

It comes in a bottle of 32 fl.oz. It is a bio gradable product, which easily dissolves grease, oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, oil and sludge. It leaves your boat’s bilge smelling fresh and clean.

Star Brite Rain View

This effective solution can be used on plastic and glass. It helps to improve wet weather visibility through windows and windshield. Extreme wet weather conditions and heavy rain can result in less visibility through windows and windshields.

Star Brite Rain View

Rust Stain Remover

It comes in a bottle of 22fl.oz. This solution works wonders to remove any sort of sprinkler rust deposits and rust drip stains. It is totally safe to be applied on metal, fiberglass and painted surfaces.

Rust Stain Remover

Liquid Rubbing Compound

This solution can help to remove any stubborn satins, scratches and heavy oxidation.

Liquid Rubbing Compound

Star Brite Descaling Engine Flush

It comes in the bottle of 1 gal. This solution brilliantly helps to remove zebra mussels, vegetation from all marine engines and general marine growth.

Star Brite Descaling Engine Flush

Our main objective and aim is to keep your boat clean and well maintained.

Safe Sea Marine Centre – The Best Seller for Osapian Electric Board

Safe Sea Marine Centre is one of the leading brands of marine manufacturers and we deal in a complete range of boat accessories and engine parts. We have now introduced new outboard motors and new marine engines. We are happy to announce that we carry an extensive range of accessories and parts for all leading brands like Yamaha, Volvo Penta and Tohatsu.

Osapian Electric Outboard

Osapian Electric Outboard for boats

The Osapian models have a durable 12-volt motor, the 55 LBS versions. In order to handle the equipment with optimum ease, the speed control of the Osapian Electric Outboard for boat is equipped with 3 reverse positions and 5 forward. The weight of this kind of Osapian is low and so is very easily portable. Thanks to the foldable steering bar which is also extremely compact.

The motor can be easily lifted in and out of water immediately and the best part is that the height of the tail is adjustable. It can be used for almost any kind of water depth.

Osapian Electric Outboard

Some important details about the Osapian available
At present the Osapian 55 is available in black color.

• Shaft Length: 33.5” (850 mm)
• Thrust Level: 55 pounds (lbs.) thrust
• Voltage: 12 volts
• Build in Battery meter: 5 levels battery
• Speed Control: 5 speed levels for forward / 3 speed levels
• Output (Max): 540W
• Amp-Rated: 44-55 Amps
• Mount type: 10 levels transom mount lock bracket
• Control Handle: Extend-length 13.7”(350mm)/fold angle 110
• Maximum size boat recommended: 15.5 ft. (5.5)/load 880 lbs. 400kg
• Propeller: 3 blade propeller
• Net weight: 18.8 lbs. (8.2kg)

Boat Steering Accessories to Be Focused Upon – Check On Quality Aspect

Boat Steering Accessories – All in one Place

Steering Wheels & Accessories

Only when you have the right steering for the boat, you can enjoy the ride, first of all. If there is any issue with it, you will have to replace the cable then. It can be a tightening one or the hesitation present in the wheel. Take out the old cable, remove the bolts of steering and then take a new cable and install it, whereby this boat steering accessories are a needed one for a safer ride. Prepare yourself for a longer ride in a safer manner, by taking a responsibility of checking all the accessories added to the system for a good enjoyable ride.

Concentrate On All Areas of Steering Wheel

sailing steering wheels

Steering for the boat is the important one you need to focus for a better sailing option. There is a tiller with a straight handle, moving through the rudder which is used for the steering, you need to steer it away from the dock, where the hardest part is to find which way the air comes so that the steering shall become little easier once the sailing is known, with the sailing steering wheel. You will have to check for the design and quality of the control knob, when you choose. It should be ergonomic, and the person should feel good and well while doing the steering part and on controlling knob.

Concentrate on choosing the knob and steering part, if not choosing a right one, riding and journey will not be safe and enjoyable. You should know the sailing part, else you will not be able to do the sailing better.

Enjoy Water Skiing Safely With Best Towable Tubes

Whether you are surfing or going for a water speed boat ride, you need to take care of your physical health. Safety is always the first hand priority, especially when you are going against water bodies. So, it is mandatory to head for the best towable tubes and keep those handy to avoid drowning. While selecting such towable tubes, there are some considerations to make. First of all, check on the quality of the items. If those are perfect, you can head for the color and comfort ability, before paying money for one.

towable tubes

Water Skis are On Sale

Water sports have always been your favorite. That adrenaline rush when you rush over water is something, which is hard to describe in words. But for that sport or adventure, you need to be prepared. You can head start that preparation by buying the best ever water skis. Yes, these skies are a bit expensive but quality ones are designed to last long. But, when water skis are on sale, chances are high that you might save some bucks. The same goes for ski shoes as well, which form a major part of water skiing.

Ski Shoes

For the Ski Vest:

Before you go for water skiing, you need to protect yourself from accidental drowning. If you don’t want to die a painful death of drowning, head for the ski vests available from some of the selected outlets. Available in multiple colors and shapes, there are vests for everyone. You can wear it for hours without feeling a slight bit of discomfort.

Green Force Hand bearing Marine sailing Compass for Accurate Measurement

Whether day or night, for that quick fix, you can always head for hand bearing compass. It is a perfect companion for small boat operators and some high end sailors. The market houses some of the durable compass, which is easy to reach and can provide you with accurate measure, every time without a single mistake. You can determine the heading in any one of the two ways. You can look straight down at compass and read the angle shown with magnifying lens. Or you can hold compass near your eye and read down line of sight.


More about the compass:

There are so many compass types available in the market and the one of the best names has to be Green Force Hand bearing Marine Compass. Available within your set rates, this particular compass comprises of card diameter of 45mm. Another important technical feature is that it has a weight of around 170 grams. This particular Green Force brand comprises of double scale and oil filled compass with rhombus and grades. Moreover, there are graduated scales and reading lens available with the lot too.

Ritchie Navigation

Ready to last for long:

Premium quality raw materials are used for manufacturing the best compass. Therefore, once purchased, the items are designed to last for long. Moreover, such compasses comprise of another extra feature namely Ritchie Navigation for accurate direction measurements. The prices are quite competitive to make the items easily accessible by all. These items are more like one-time investment. Once invested, the product will last for long.