Frigomar Air Conditioners

Variable Frequency Drive Technology
This technology is used to control the speed of the compressor motor to allow continuously
regulated temperature; by contrast traditional air conditioners regulate temperature by
using a compressor that is periodically either working at maximum capacity or completely
switched off.The inverter air conditioner is equipped with a variable frequency driven brush less
compressor that incorporates an adjustable electrical inverter to control the speed of
the motor and therefore varying the heating and cooling capacity. Eliminating stop-start
cycles considerably increases the energy efficiency, extends the life of components and
eliminates sharp fluctuations in room temperature and power supply.By using the variable frequency drive air conditioner it is possible to reduce on board the
size of power generator.
Energy saving (-40% in average electrical energy consumption)
After the air temperature approaches the set temperature, Inverter Control adjusts to low
capacity operation to maintain this temperature. Variable capacity operation together with
high efficiency PMSM motor make inverter air conditioning more energy-saving than non-inverter
models, which must repeatedly start or stop their compressors to maintain the
water temperature.In term of Seasonal Efficiency Ratio, the average reduction in electrical energy consumptionis 40%, compared to the equivalent traditional air conditioner.
Smooth starting (No peak current at start)
Starting ramp is set at very low frequency (20 Hz) allowing very low starting torque and
starting current, far below the nominal value. The max starting current is 2 A, while for the
equivalent traditional air conditioner the max starting current is approx 50 A, even with
soft starting devices.
Inverter air conditioning operates at maximum capacity after start up phase. As a result,
the set temperature is reached more quickly.
Inverter air conditioning finely adjusts the capacity according to changes in thermal load
and the gap between the real ambient temperature and set temperature will always be
very small. These give much higher comfort levels than with non-inverter air conditioners.
Thanks to brush-less PMSM motors and sound shields the operation noise is very low.
Brush-less PMSM motor together with variable capacity operation allow a much longer
compressor lifespan compared to non-inverter models, which must repeatedly start or
stop the compressor during operation thus stressing motor coils.
Easy installation
Very small overall dimensions, with possibility to pump out condensing water through
an accessory kit. Display controller can be installed in different position and managed
through touch screen or remote controller.
Comply with EMC Directive
The equipment comply with the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Directive 2004/108/EC.2004/108/EC.













23kg 27kg 30kg 44kg


230V / 1ph /50-60Hz 230V / 1ph / 50-60Hz 230V / 1ph / 50-60Hz 230V / 1ph / 50-60Hz

Max capacity

6.500 BTU/h 10.000 BTU/h 15.600 BTU/h 26.600 BTU/h

Max consumption

2,9 A 3,4 A 4,7 A 7,8 A

Power input (cold)

0.55kW 0.68 kW 0.91kW 1,72kW

Power input (heat)

0,61kW 0.74kW 0,99kW 1,74kW
Refrigerant 410A 410A 410A 410A