Blue Sea Automatic Charging Relay


BS7521: 25amps

BS7522 : 40amps

Dimensions: 331 x 215 x 93 mm.

Voltage 12V DC

Output 3

Input voltage 90-265V AC

Max.output Volt. 16V DC

Operating temp -20º – 70º C

Automatic battery charger in rugged finned aluminum case that dissipates heat to help keep the battery charger electronics cool. Charge profiles for Flooded, Gel, TPPL and AGM. Easy to use: Large right full graphic control screen with user interface. Plain-language text in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Charge co-odination integrates with Blue Sea Systems Automatic Charging Relays to spare the battery banks while the P12 is operational.

Intuitive diagnostic screens provide a broad range of easily understood fault communication and operating history.


BS7521: 25amps, BS7522 : 40amps