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To ex t end t he c abl e, s i mpl y manual l y pul l out t he amount of c abl e y ou need, then to retract it, press & hold the control switch and the cable will be retracted and stored on the reel. Our unique drive motor mechanism (patent pending) remains completely disengaged while the cable is being extended. Self contained unit, stores 15m of cable, and can be mounted wherever there is “free space”. Test ed & appr oved UL, CSA, ABYC, CE, ISO8846.

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GLECRM16-12 Cablemaster 16A. 12V
GLECRM32-12 Cablemaster 32A. 12V
GLECRM16-24 Cablemaster 16A. 24V
GLECRM32-24 Cablemaster 32A. 24V
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GLECRM16-12 Cablemaster 16A. 12V, GLECRM32-12 Cablemaster 32A. 12V, GLECRM16-24 Cablemaster 16A. 24V, GLECRM32-24 Cablemaster 32A. 24V