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Poltcarbonate polarised lens. Frame moulded from TR90 and low density senaprene in temples and nose pieces. Density of 0,95 gm/ml.

Ref. Frame Lens
BOESANBG1.50 Matt Black Grey
BOESANBG2.00 Matt Black Grey
BOESANBG2.50 Matt Black Grey
BOESANTA1.50 Matt Black Grey
BOESANBG1.50 Tortoise Amber
BOESANTA2.00 Tortoise Amber
BOESANTA2.50 Tortoise Amber
SKU: BOESANBG1.50 | BOESANBG2.00 | BOESANBG2.50 | BOESANTA1.50 | BOESANTA2.00 | BOESANTA2.50 Category: Tag:

BOESANBG1.50 Matt Black Gris / Grey, BOESANBG2.00 Matt Black Gris / Grey, BOESANBG2.50 Matt Black Gris / Grey, BOESANTA1.50 Tortoise Ambar / Amber, BOESANTA2.00 Tortoise Ambar / Amber, BOESANTA2.50 Tortoise Ambar / Amber


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