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TIKALFLEX Quick – MS is a shrink-free, very strong, weatherproof MS polymer adhesive for all kinds of bonding assignments in the maritime or mobile environment.

TIKALFLEX Quick – MS is characterised by its unusually high initial bond strength. In most cases TIKALFLEX Quick – MS enables you to do without mechanically fixing the pieces to be glued.

This MS polymer adhesive is suitable for permanently elastic, fixed, vibration-resistant bonds, can be used to compensate tolerances and can be sanded when cured.

TIKALFLEX Quick – MS hardens on exposure to humidity and can be painted over after curing with normal varnish.

Technical data:

Chemical base MS polymer
Processing temperature 5° to 40°
Spread rate 10 g / min
Stability < 2 mm
Density 1.56 g / ml
Skin formation time 10-15 min
Curing after 24 h 3 mm.
Shelf life when stored between 5°C and 25 °C 12 months
Practical elasticity + / – 25 %
Shore hardness A (3 s) 55
Tensile strength 2.3 N / mm²
Fracture elongation 320 %
Salt water and weather resistance given


Bonding of wood, aluminum, steel and GRP

Marine & Caravan all-round adhesive


– extremely high initial bond

– high adhesive strength

– shrink-free

– weatherproof

– sand able

Available sizes

290 ml cartridge



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