Importance of Prop Guards and How It Can Help

The prop guards are best used for the stern drive units, outboards and for commercial vessel or yacht tenders boats. They are manufactured with high-end polypropylene. It helps in better controlling directional forces and increases the efficiency of a propeller.

Basically, a prop guard can serve two main purposes. It includes:

It protects propeller and the gearbox from all types of damage if in case a prop strikes with any hard object like a rock.

On the other hand, it protects every person in such circumstances when they come in contact with any of the moving propeller.

Improves efficiency

Some of these prop guards are designed in the best way for serving both the purposes. It stands effective in every nature. Moreover, it improves efficiency and helps a lot in saving fuel without any performance loss. Apart from this, all the boat owners can get them at the lowest prices.

Prop guards

Increases safety levels

This is truly a unique safety product which comes without any electrical wiring, hydraulic hoses or moving parts. One can install it few seconds with minimum tools. It is best for the stern drive and outboard applications. It can increase your safety levels and can boost well your overall performance.

This safety guard offers protection to all the divers, water skiers and all the people that are in and around the boat. This is a must-have boat rescue which can keep the solid water around the propeller. It also assists in taking tighter turns and prevents sideways slip.


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