LPG Propane, Butane & Carbon Monoxide detector
The smallest professional 12V/24V gas detector for your boat, caravan or home.Poisonous and flammable gases such as LPG Propane and LPG Butane can cause a great threat when undetected, especially when you are on your boat with your loved ones.
Carbon Monoxide, also known as ‘The Silent Killer,’ is a gas which can be produced by any appliances, engines and generators on board your vessel whilst operating; this gas is so poisonous that it can kill within minutes!
Our 3GAS detector and alarm is designed to monitor your boat, home or caravan constantly, triggering a 40 second pre alarm or full alarm in the case of any of these three deadly gases being present.
3GAS will also detect Ether which is another dangerous gas to humans, sometimes used in robberies for knocking out people unconscious.
The 3Gas + Alarm is very compact and neat, which will fit nicely with your interior cabin decors, with the option of adding another two additional sensors for further protection.
An extremely sensitive sensor will trigger for even the smallest gas concentrations. The operation of the sensor is checked at each start-up, and the automatic calibration process tests every 40 seconds if the setting is still correct and if a change is necessary. Light and sound signals ensure the user a proper working.
When the 3Gas+ alarm detects a gas concentration in the ambient air, it will generate a 40 second during pre-alarm. If the gas concentration remains constant during the pre-alarm or is increasing, the alarm is activated with a continuous alarm tone and the red LED constantly shines. If the gas concentration after the alarm has disappeared, the 3Gas+ alarm will return to the stand-by mode.

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