Automatic Battery Isolators

Automatic battery isolators, allow 2 or more batteries to recharge at the same time using one or two generators (see technical specifications).

The ‘Very Low Drop’ automatic battery isolators separate electrically each battery to prevent the battery with the highest charge from draining into the one with the lower charge. When charging, the battery isolator allows the

Ref                         Alternator                           Bat                         AMP

Sichpr10002        1                                              2                              70A

Sichpr20002       1                                              3                              70A

Sichpr30002       2                                              4                              70A

Sichpr50002       2                                              2                              140A

Sichpr70002      2                                              2                              210A

Sichpr60002      2                                              3                              140A



41.6581.03 exc. VAT

SKU SICHPR10002|SICHPR20002|SICHPR30002|SICHPR50002|SICHPR70002|SICHPR60002 Category

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