Combi Battery Charger/Inverter

Combination of a pure sine wave converter with a powerful battery charger, an ideal power plant solution for applications of boats, caravans, industrial vehicles, etc. The COMBI provides battery recharge when there is AC power. The device also allows the passage of any excess energy from AC and power down loads of AC, such as a TV, microwave, etc. When there is no AC power available the unit inverts the power of the DC battery in AC electricity. All this is done automatically, without interfering with the AC load connected to the output. The device has an automatic standby function that reduces the power consumption without load by an additional 70%. In addition, the COMBI is equipped with a TBS link port to connect to a TBS remote control (TBS509550 with LCD display or TBS5095220 with LED indicators) or for a configuration on a PC with the TBS Dashboard software.


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