Electric Marine Toilet

A dual-function pump eliminates the need for hand pumps and dry-bowl valves. With the push of a button, the self-priming flush pump rinses the bowl as the Macerator and high-capacity scavenger pump grind up waste and pump it out.

– Both pump & bowl are interchangeable with JABSCO.

– Convenient push-button flush.

– Easy-to-clean china bowl.

– Includes heavy-duty push button and 1″-1/2″ discharge hose adapter.

-Ceramic bowl, wood seat with baked enamel finish

– Flexible Impeller Flush Pump.

– Permanent Magnet Type Motor, Fully Enclosed, with Stainless Steel Shaft.

– Built-in Back Flow Preventer.

– All Corrosion Resistant Material for Marine Use

300.39333.71 exc. VAT

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