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Marine fuel hose (distribution and vent) for outboards. Fuel resistant thermoplastic formulation with 2 spiral reinforcement provides excelent bendability and resistance to UV, aging and permeation by all marine fuels (petrol and diesel) including alcohol blends.
Meets or exceeds: SAEJ1527, ISO-8469 Tipo B1 y Certificación CE.
Warranty: 3 years

Ref In. ∅ Length Pack
TRI305-0566 5/16” = 7,92 mm Box
TRI305-0386 3/8” = 9,53 mm Box
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TRI305-0566 5/16” = 7,92 mm. 15 m. Box, TRI305-0386 3/8” = 9,53 mm. 15 m. Box


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