Goldenship HSD Airmat Range

This is the largest of the HSD series with a high pressure inflatable airmat floor. One feature of this range is the wide free space inside the boat whilst being easy to carry and store. The four models offer different lengths to suit all needs. A great inflatable for easy boating. The boat comes with aluminium oars, a marina grade plywood seat, foot pump ,repair kit and carry bag.

The HSD Airmat Range

HSD 230 HSD 270 HSD 290 HSD 320
Length 2.30m 2.70m 2.90m 3.20m
Width 1.37m 1.53m 1.55m 1.55m
Weight 38 kg 48 kg 52 kg 55 kg
Max Persons 2 pax 3 + 1 pax 4 pax 4 +1 pax
Tube Diameter 36 cm 42 cm 42 cm 42 cm
Max Power 4 hp 10 hp 10 hp 15 hp
Chambers 3 +1 3 +1 3 +1 3 +1
Floor Airmat Airmat Airmat Airmat

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