Inflatable Boat cover

Inflatable boat cover made of polyester anti-mould, breathable, water and U.V. resistant fabric. Equipped with internal rubber band for a better adherence. Suggested for the complete protection against atmospheric agents like rain sun and dust. Designed for covering also the outboard.

        • 300 Denier Grey colour suggested for storage


Boat Length


Boat Width


Total Cover


Total Cover

 504018 180/200cm 130/150cm  234cm 181cm
 504020 200/220cm  135/155cm 254cm 181cm
 504022 220/250cm 135/155cm 279cm 181cm
 504025 250/270cm 140/160cm 305cm 226cm
 504027 270/290cm 150/170cm  310cm  221cm
 504030  300/320cm  150/170cm  330cm 216cm
 504032  320/340cm  150/170cm  351cm  216cm
 504034  340/360cm   150/170cm  372cm 216cm
 504037 370/390cm  150/170cm  425cm  216cm
 504040  400/420cm  170/190cm 445cm 252cm
504043  430/450cm  170/190cm  488cm 252cm
 504045 450/470cm  170/190cm 505cm  252cm

33.5159.56 exc. VAT

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