Navigation Lights

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For boats up to 12 m. Manufactured in BLACK plastic with acrylic lense. Bombilla/Bulb 12 V 10 W Dimensiones: Alto/Height: 57 mm.

Ref. Ref.colorWhite Weight Length
GS10031 Starboard Green 112.5º 1 x Skinpack
GS10032 Port Red 112.5º 1 x Skinpack
GS10033 Masthead Clear 225º 1 x Skinpack
GS10034 Stern Clear 135º 1 x Skinpack
GS10035 Color Red/Green 225º 1 x Skinpack
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GS10041: 112.5º Starboard Green, GS10042: 112.5º Port Red, GS10043: 225º Masthead Clear, GS10044: 135º Stern Clear, GS10047: 225º Bi-Color Red/Green


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