Navigation Lights

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For boats up to 12 m. Manufactured in white or black poly carbonate with acrylic lense.

Bulb 12 V 5 W
Dimensions:Height 63 mm  Width 49 mm Depth 40 mm.

Ref. Description Colour WHITE.
 GS10056 Starboard Green  112.5º
 GS10057  Port Red  112.5º
 GS10058  Masthead Clear  225º
 GS10059  Stern Clear  135º
 GS10060  Color Red/Green  225º

Colour BLACK

Ref. DESCRIPTION Colour white
 GS10050  Starboard Green  112.5º
 GS10051  Port Red  112.5º
 GS10052  Masthead Clear  225º
 GS10053  Stern Clear  135º
 GS10054  Color Red/Green  225º
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GS10056: 112.5º Starboard Green (Colour: White), GS10057: 112.5º Port Red (Colour: White), GS10058: 225º Masthead Clear (Colour: White), GS10059: 135º Stern Clear (Colour: White), GS10060: 225º Bi-Color Red/Green (Colour: White), GS10050: 112.5º Starboard Green (Colour: Black), GS10051: 112.5º Port Red (Colour: Black), GS10052: 225º Masthead Clear (Colour: Black), GS10053:135º Stern Clear (Colour: Black), GS10054: 225º Bi-Color Red/Green (Colour: Black)


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