Ref. PHIFF668C

Sonar Technology:

Sonar is a technology based on sound propagation to locate and define structure, bottom contour and composition by using the transducer.

To determinate the distance of an object, the time interval between transmission of a sound wave signal by the transducer and reception of the object is measured. Then the fish finder uses the received signal to interpret the location, size and composition of the detected object.


16 Levels Grayscale Boat Fish Finder FF668C:

1) Display type: 3.5″ 16-Levels Grayscale V320xH240 with white LED backlight

2) Superb viewing in direct at sun

3) Multi-language menu (English; Russian; French; Chinese; Japanese; Finnish; Polish; German; Italian; Spanish; Dutch; Korean; Swedish; Greek; Danish; Portuguese; Czech)

4) Depth reading from 2.0 to 1000ft (300 meters) in 1/10th precision

5) 100-level sensitivity setting and multi levels depth range

6) Auto zoom bottom tracking and quick manual zoom

7) “Stop chart” at any time

8) Big/small fish identification and fish depth indicator

9) User selectable sonar chart mode

10) Kell offset

11) 200KHz / 83KHz duel beam sonar frequency

12) Input power: DC 10 to 18V

13) 1800 watts peak-to-peak power; 240 watts RMS power

14) Transducer: side hull transform mount (25ft sensor cable)

15) Water proof connecter between main unit and transducer

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