DEMI5®.s an amazing portable water softener which is perfect for washing the boat without drying the surfaces. It is also great to fill the tank avoiding the creation of limescale in the fresh water
circuit of the boat, saving from maintenance dishwashers, boilers, pumps, washing machines, and avoiding the unaesthetic white calcium spots on faucets at every fresh water delivery spot. So even who has a small boat and cannot install a water maker can have a system which is increasing the quality of water on board. It doesn’t even need electricity to work.

This is a NO SERVICE PRODUCT and here below some features.

DEMI 5 in bullets:
– It is very light and compact: that’s why it is really portable
– Eliminates calcium and smells
– It is perfect to clean every smooth surface of the boat
– Thanks to DEMI 5 it will not be necessary anymore to dry the surface of the boat
– Allows users to save time and money!
– It is simple: plug and play it! And it doesn’t even need electricity to work – This also means NO
– DEMI 5 is also perfect to fill the fresh water tanks of the boat, protecting every appliance that
uses fresh water (pipes, showers, faucets, dishwashers, washing machines, etc..)
– Easy and cheap maintenance (changing one filter per year and refilling a salt container)
– Good and affordable price for everyone

HPWDEMI5 – Portable water softener  452 x 472 x 276 mm 15 kg 2 – 6 BAR
HPWDEMICA- Charcoal filter
HPWDEMISA -Salt cartridge
HPWKITEASYTEST–  Kit easy test (10 units)
HPWSALE12PACK– Hp salt bags 12 pcs 0,85 g

11.39751.70 exc. VAT