PVC Fender Profile For “Boxed Junctions”

Anti-shock rigid PVC rub rail with duralene groove. Duralene is a new plastic material and one of its peculiarity is the extraordinary shock-absorption partially due to its molecular solidity and above all to its elasticity. Duralene is strongly replacing aluminum: it’s undeformable, unbreakable, cheaper, lighter and it does not lose shape on bow and stern bends, even if very sharp. PVC insert must be warmed up before being mounted, following usual operations.


<Fender Profile Height 40mm>

Ref. 222101

Colour: black


Ref. 222102

Colour: White




White rail 40 mm.
Suitable for profile height 40 mm.
Bars of 4 meters.




End Cap


Ref. 223410

Colour: black


Ref. 223410W

Colour: White


Joint Cap


Ref. 223472

Colour: Black


Ref. 223472W

Colour: White



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