Ref. Colour Breaking Strength Size Hooks Length
GS76120 Yellow 800kg 1″ S 4.5M
GS76121 Yellow 1,500kg 1 1/16″ J 6M
GS76122 Yellow 3,000kg 2″ J 8M
GS76123 Blue 1,000kg 1 1/16″ J 4.5M
GS76124 Blue 1,500kg 1.5″ J 6M
GS76125 Blue 2,000kg 2″ J 8M
GS76126 Red 800kg 1″ S 4.5M
GS76127 Red 1,200kg 1 1/16″ J 4.5M

The ones with blue straps are with stainless steel ratchets.

5.9943.44 exc. VAT

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