Roll Neck Fender Covers

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RN1521 (Ø15-21cm)

RN2227 (Ø22-27cm)

Buy the fender stocking at a competitive price! A stocking on a fender eliminates the creak when two boats lie side by side and bumps into each other. The fender stocking also gives the fenders a longer life and gives the boat a new nice look. Easy to use! Slip the fender stocking onto the fender, cut the appropriate length and edge of the fender stocking folds itself and you are ready to go! There is no need for sewing or adjustments for a perfect fit to the fender. Machine washable.

  • Self-adjusting edge
  •  Easy to cut in suitable lengths
  •  Fits even if the fender is in a fender holder
  •  Machine washable 40 °C
  •  Available in 2 different sizes
  • Price is per feet

Material: Polyester (developed for the car industry)

Colour: Navy blue

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RN1521 ( Ø15-21cm), RN2227 (Ø22-27cm)