TBS Powersine Inverter 12V

The converter is one of the most critical equipment, which most suffer, in the electrical installation of a ship. Often the requirements of the installation they force the converter to work at the limit of its possibilities. TBS inverters (inverters) are designed for a long service life, built with the latest materials, robust both in the electrical and mechanical part, making this range an ideal complement for all types of uses and boats, as well as industrial-type facilities. The very high peak nominal values allow controlling the most demanding loads, such as in microwaves, electric ovens, coffee makers, etc … The extensive range of TBS converters are equipped with a TBSlink communications port to connect to a remote control (TBS5095500 with display or TBS5095200 with LED indicators) They are protected against voltage (high or low) of the battery, high temperatures, overload and short circuit. They also incorporate a speed fan variable that makes silent operation possible.


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