TIKALFLEX clear 10 is a transparent MS polymer adhesive for bonding panes of any kind. TIKALFLEX clear 10 is suitable for bonding / sealing glass, acrylic glass and PVC on steel, aluminium, wood and GRP.

TIKALFLEX clear 10 can be applied with soapy water and putty knife to form smooth sealing joints and can be painted over with conventional varnish systems.

TIKALFLEX clear 10 is weatherproof but shall not be used in direct UV light.

Technical data
Chemical basis MS polymer
Processing temperature 0° to 40°
Application rate 150 g / min
Resistance to flow < 2 mm
Density 1.01 g / ml
Skin forming time 15 min
Through-hardening after 24 h < 2 mm
Shelf-life for storage at 5°C to 25 °C 18 months
Expansibility in practice + / – 25 %
Temperature stability following hardening – 40°C to + 90° C
Shore A hardness 38
Modulus 100 % 1.0 N/ mm²
Tensile strength 2.2 N / mm²
Elongation at failure 250 %

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