Trim Relay

Ref: REC3858081

R.O.: 3858809
For : (1998 SX-M-MAC, MDA, MLT), 3.0GLP-D,4.3GL-E, 4.03GL-EF, 4.3GXi-F, 4.3GXi-FF, 4.3OSi-F,4.3OSi-FF, 5.0GL-F 5.0GL-FF, 5.0GXi-F5.0GXi-FF,5.0Si-F, 5.0Si-FF,5.7Gi-F/FF, 5.7GXi-G/GF, 5.7OSi-E/EF,5.7OXi-E/EF, 5.7GXi-F, 5.7GXi-G, 8.1Gi-G/GF, 8.1GXi-F/FF, 8.1OSi-C/CF,
8.1GiL-G, 8.1GXiL-F, DPH-A, DPH-B, DPR-A, EF drives, SX-M TSKs 1998-05,SX-M, DP-SM,(WT drives, PJX-C,PJX-S SX-M, MACLT, -MDA, -MDB,-MPH, -MTD, DP-E, DP-S, -S1, -S2, DP-SM, -SM), XDP-B

6.04 exc. VAT

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