Water Finder Special detection paste

For water detection in gasoline and diesel fuel tanks
  • Fast and simple water detection
  • Results instantly visible due to distinct colour change
  • Economical in use
  • The paste adheres well to the dipstick
  • Also works in the presence of water, methanol or tertiary butanol
  • The paste contains no toxic or environmentally harmful ingredient


Water Finder Special changes colour from pale pink to bright red when it comes into contact with water present under
fuel or mineral oils. Water can cause significant corrosion in storage tanks and other devices. It is therefore extremely
important to regularly check for the presence of water.
Water Finder Special is a pale pink paste that has been specifically designed to measure the water level under
fuel or other light mineral oils in storage tanks
Colour : pale pink
Flash point : none
Instruction for use
Apply the paste to the bottom of the dipstick and lower it to the bottom of the tank. Once the dipstick has been raised again, presence of water is instantly visible as the paste will have turned red.

15.31 exc. VAT

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