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Standard Horizon GX1600E Fixed DSC VHF

With a compact and ultra-shallow case that measures just 5.90in wide, 3.55in deep and 3.35in tall (147mm x 90mm x 85mm) the GX1600E is easily one of the shallowest fixed VHFs on the market.

This enables bracket mounting the GX1600E almost flush with a console or wall in a positionwhere cutting a recess is not desired or possible.

Waypoint navigation, a feature previously only available on Standard Horizons premium sets the GX2000E and GX2100E, has been added to the GX1600E. This feature means the GX1600E isable to store 100 waypoints which can be selected and navigated to using the compass screenand can also display the LAT/LON, SOG/COG and bearing and distance to a waypoint. Thisfeature is further enhanced by its large dot matrix display. (Requires GPS input)

The GX1600E provides all of the necessary DSC functions, including position request and positionpolling. You can ‘poll’ and display the positions of up to four ships with known MMSI numbers on the screen, plus the set can navigate to a received mayday or polled position using the compassdisplay.

The GX1600E also supports the CMP30 remote access microphone, which provides complete control of the radio, including the waypoint navigation functions.
Other benefits include 4.5 Watt audio output, a ClearVoice noise cancelling microphone that filters out wind and background interference, programmable scan, priority scan and dual watch.

As with all Standard Horizon fixed VHF sets the GX1600E is waterproof but this is the first unit to be rated to the highest IPX8 rating. This means it can be immersed in up to 1.5 metres (4ft 9in) of water for 30 minutes. Standard Horizon is so confident of the set’s watertight integrity that it offers a three-year waterproof guarantee.

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