Water Pump


Mercruiser GM V6 (2007+) (without water bypass) MCM MPI (OW658583+), MCM Carb. (1A063240+)

Volvo V6 4.3L-J, GL-JF, GXI225-R, GI200-R, GXIE225-R, GXIE-M, GXIE-P, GXIE-Q, GXI-J, GXI-JF, OSI-V, OSIJF, GXI-P, GXI-Q (2008+)

 This product replaces following manufacturer’s part Numbers : 

Volvo 21124846

Mercruiser46-879194401, 46-8M6005225, 879194401, 8M0094406, 8M6005225

Please note that our product is an aftermarket product (non-OEM).

87.23 exc. VAT

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