Water Finder Special Detection Paste

Vecom Water Finder Special detection paste

Water in fuel is never a good omen. This is especially so in the case of engines. Even small quantity of water can prove highly detrimental to the working of the engine and can lead to compromises in the safety. Water, being higher in specific gravity than oil, sinks to the bottom of the oil tank, present in engines. Water in fuel is made possible through many ways, either by contamination of the fuel throughout its journey from the oil wells to the refineries and then to the pumping stations, by faulty design of the manhole covers or incorrect installation of ventilation pumps. Although, these reasons can be names for water in fuel, the most common source of water in fuel is through condensation of moisture found in the atmosphere to form liquid water.

This contamination of fuel due to presence of water leads to growth of microbes in the fuel and subsequent bio-degradation which further leads to plugging of the filters and damaging of the engine’s fuel system. The bacteria present in the water lead to formation of corrosive acids in low-oxygen conditions. These acids present in the fuel react with the metal of the engine and form rust and other metal oxides. Water in fuel also leads to corrosion and pitting of the metal of fuel tanks. Pitting causes spots of weakness in the fuel storage tank which leads to structural damage and can be hazardous in long term. What if there was an easy way to solve these problems?


These problems can be avoided to a great extent with the use of ingenious  Water Finder Special Detection Paste. This paste when applied to the bottom of a dip stick or a measuring tape, changes its colour when in contact with water, from pale pink to red. This simple technique can be used to identify the amount of water in fuel of an engine. Vecom water Finder Special can be used to detect large amount of water present in biodiesels and HE 15 Bio super. Whereas, detection of water in fuels like E85 is comparatively a tougher task, even that can be accomplished by using the method of compare. The super economical, simple and clear Vecom Water Finder Special Detection comes in a pack of 20 tubes and is an environment friendly technique to find out the presence of water in fuel.


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