Wide Range of Control Boxes for Motor Boats

Safe Sea Marine Center offers all kinds of accessories for motor boats of all the leading brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Tohatsu and Volvo Penta. Apart from other accessories, we also have control boxes in our collection. Whether your boat’s control box is irreversibly damaged or old, we offer direct replacement.

Check out some of our collection if you are ready to change your old control box.

Central console mount control

Central console mount control by Xtreme is compatible with 3300/33C universal or OEM type control cables. The control box is equipped with emergency cut-off switch, tilt switch and trim switch. Other features include start-in-gear protection, neutral interlock and throttle warm-up. The handle is smooth and has a balanced shape.

Center Console Mount Control

Dual top mount control

Dual top mount control box is suitable for twin engine applications. The advanced mechanism enables smooth and solid control. There is no neutral interlock on the handle but trim and tilt switches are present. The handle has a balanced design and is smooth on the hands.

Dual top mount control

TX172103 Side control

The lever of this control box has dual functions which are throttle and shift. The control box is mounted flush on the side. Other features include button acceleration in neutral and protection neutral start.

SL3 Control

This is single lever control box with dual function. It is suitable for all kinds of outboard, inboard and stern drive engines. It is compatible with cable 33-C. Mercury or OMC. Other features include neutral interlock for blocking start in gear and push button for neutral engine warm-up.


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