How to Choose Boat Seats and Pedestals to Meet the Specific Requirements

Pedestal type of boat seats are available in wide varieties starting from a few simple collections to relatively sophisticated ones. However, you have to consider the components or parts, which will efficiently meet your requirements and fulfill the safety guidelines to choose perfect boat or fisherman seat and its pedestals.


Basic Types of Pedestals

Boat seats and pedestals are available in two basic types i.e. the pillar, which utilizes a ring base to stay attached to the respective boat’s sole or deck permanently. Secondly, you may go with pin, removable or wedge types, which are highly slender as well as screw or slide within various deck or mounted plates. Now, if you want a simple type of sport seat, which has fixed height, as similar to the helm, you only need a pedestal, base, connector and the respective seat. On the other side, if you want a multi-functional seat assembly, you have to search for a pedestal, which lets you adjusting the height of the seat. Also, you have to add a few other components and connectors to achieve additional versatility of your storage locker seat.

Storage Locker Seat

Connectors for Pedestals

Along with a swiveling spider, it is essential for you to select a type of adjustable sliding mechanism to come up with a highly functional system. Alternatively, you have to select a multi-functional swiveling mount, as it helps in adjusting the seat aft and fore. Other than this, you may add a suitable shock-absorbing mechanism to boat pedestals if you want to achieve ultimate level of seat comfort.


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