How to Choose Boat Seats and Pedestals to Meet the Specific Requirements

Pedestal type of boat seats are available in wide varieties starting from a few simple collections to relatively sophisticated ones. However, you have to consider the components or parts, which will efficiently meet your requirements and fulfill the safety guidelines to choose perfect boat or fisherman seat and its pedestals.


Basic Types of Pedestals

Boat seats and pedestals are available in two basic types i.e. the pillar, which utilizes a ring base to stay attached to the respective boat’s sole or deck permanently. Secondly, you may go with pin, removable or wedge types, which are highly slender as well as screw or slide within various deck or mounted plates. Now, if you want a simple type of sport seat, which has fixed height, as similar to the helm, you only need a pedestal, base, connector and the respective seat. On the other side, if you want a multi-functional seat assembly, you have to search for a pedestal, which lets you adjusting the height of the seat. Also, you have to add a few other components and connectors to achieve additional versatility of your storage locker seat.

Storage Locker Seat

Connectors for Pedestals

Along with a swiveling spider, it is essential for you to select a type of adjustable sliding mechanism to come up with a highly functional system. Alternatively, you have to select a multi-functional swiveling mount, as it helps in adjusting the seat aft and fore. Other than this, you may add a suitable shock-absorbing mechanism to boat pedestals if you want to achieve ultimate level of seat comfort.

Safe Sea Shop – The Specialized Boat Solar Panel Dealers for Sea Lovers

These are the days when sailors travel unplugged, now, you can get Boat Solar Panels to have power in your boat. Undoubtedly, it is better to be powered because the sea can be unpredictable at times.

Solar Panels

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Why should you get our panels?

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Why people trust us?

The most important thing is that we have high quality solar panels to provide to the sailors. That means we understand the complete technology quite well, in addition, we love to power sailors and that is our passion that makes us the best in the business and trustworthy too at the same time.


If you are looking for Solar Charge Controllers or panels, you can simply visit our site, we have everything for the sailors that they need to power themselves. So, make sure that you get the panels today. It is time to get the solar panels to cruise safely and powerfully.

Wide Range of Control Boxes for Motor Boats

Safe Sea Marine Center offers all kinds of accessories for motor boats of all the leading brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Tohatsu and Volvo Penta. Apart from other accessories, we also have control boxes in our collection. Whether your boat’s control box is irreversibly damaged or old, we offer direct replacement.

Check out some of our collection if you are ready to change your old control box.

Central console mount control

Central console mount control by Xtreme is compatible with 3300/33C universal or OEM type control cables. The control box is equipped with emergency cut-off switch, tilt switch and trim switch. Other features include start-in-gear protection, neutral interlock and throttle warm-up. The handle is smooth and has a balanced shape.

Center Console Mount Control

Dual top mount control

Dual top mount control box is suitable for twin engine applications. The advanced mechanism enables smooth and solid control. There is no neutral interlock on the handle but trim and tilt switches are present. The handle has a balanced design and is smooth on the hands.

Dual top mount control

TX172103 Side control

The lever of this control box has dual functions which are throttle and shift. The control box is mounted flush on the side. Other features include button acceleration in neutral and protection neutral start.

SL3 Control

This is single lever control box with dual function. It is suitable for all kinds of outboard, inboard and stern drive engines. It is compatible with cable 33-C. Mercury or OMC. Other features include neutral interlock for blocking start in gear and push button for neutral engine warm-up.

Get the Best Marine Anti-Fouling Remover from Safe Sea Marine Center

Are you looking for peelaway Anti-fouling removal? If yes, then Safe Sea Shop is the right place for you because you can get here the best antifouling remover to get rid of marine paints.

peelaway Anti-fouling removal

However, before you make your choice, you should and must know what it takes to be the best and how we become trusted companies in the market.

We are specialists:

As far as knowledge and expertise are concerned, we are a specialized company that you can trust. Being specialists, we make sure that we give our clients the matchless quality marine anti-fouling remover. Our special knowledge helps us in understanding what clients need.

What makes us the best choice?

• We do not believe in the randomness of life, in fact, we give products that are required for specific projects. For instance, you can get the removers according to the thickness of the paint. That means you will get what you need for the project, not something else

• Our removers are of good quality and do not leave any toxic residue. That means it is a better and safer option

• The price of the anti-fouling remover is just affordable and that does not mean that we compromise on quality. In fact, quality and cost are nicely balanced

If you are searching for marine anti-fouling remover, then you should choose our products. We are sure that you will find our removers quite effective. The best part is that here with us affordability and quality are redefined terms. So, get the removers today.

Buy Reliable Marine Refrigerators Known For Low Energy Consumption

The marine refrigerators in Malta are a top-notch cooler box in the market which are made after long years of research and combines well the innovation, practical designing and sophisticated features. They work under the toughest conditions and can easily withstand all types of movement.

marine refrigerators

Energy efficient refrigeration system for marine

The boat refrigerators don’t make the noise of any type and called as much reliable. They consume low energy power and stands as the high-end quality and energy efficient refrigeration system for marine. These marine fridges are exclusively designed for motor cruisers and sailing yachts around.

If you will have a look you will find that the cruise refrigerators in Malta make use of compact compressor which is installed in the domestic refrigerators commonly. They are silent fridges and indestructible practically. This magical marine refrigeration equipment comes with a door handle which holds a magnetic rubber seal for keeping it closed firmly.

Convenient designing and innovation

The handle also comes with a safety locking device that prevents the door from getting opened accidentally. These handles hold a hook for holding the door for proper ventilation when the refrigerator is not at all in use. You can call it as the best marine cooler box which combines convenient designing and innovation.

Cooler boxes

The boat cooler box is designed for integrating well with the control system of smart energy. Its casing holds predefined space which is reserved for the sensor. This includes a control unit which allows you to save more than 50% of cooling power. Check out other features and benefits of cooler boxes and refrigerators online at our Marine store Safe Sea Shop.

The Amazing facts of Thru hull fittings in the Form of Steel, Bronze and Plastic

There are some metals that are extensively used for a variety of purposes. They have multiple uses in most of the cases. However, with the introduction of modern facility and technology new devices are being used that are really of top quality. They are also durable to a great extent.

The Ample Uses of Tools:

It can be well said from the above discussion that the thru hull fittings in stainless steel is a beautiful shape device that can be well fitted in any type of categories of boat. They also have a good longevity.

It is also amazing to know that these types of metals are available in both bronze and plastic forms and that is the most innovative part.

stainless steel thru hull fittings

On the other hand, the stainless steel thru hull fittings is also of good quality and they also run for a long duration without any such major complaints.

Other Features of the Fittings:

Apart from all this, the bronze thru hull fittings are strong enough. They are mostly used in large boats. It also requires good force and pressure to handle this type of fittings. The availability of a wide variety of metallic fittings has proved to be quite good.

bronze thru hull fittings

Complete Information about the Fittings:

The plastic thru hull fittings can be a very smart choice for small boats. They are made of washers and threaded boat.

plastic thru hull fittings

In fact, the name of Safe Sea Shop should be specially mentioned as it is a great store for getting all sorts of marine items and that too at a very comfortable price.

One-Stop Solution for All Your Marine Outboard Parts

Marine vehicles have to be crucially assembled with best parts for it to function efficiently and effectively. Unlike, other road transportation vehicles, these vehicles take immense work to get it repaired to bring back to working conditions when it undergoes a breakdown in the middle of the sea. Get Honda marine motor parts at the best price.

Honda outboard parts

Quality Products for Your Marine Needs:

Get into a great association with the most experienced online marine store, Safe Sea Shop for your marine vehicle supplies. They offer the best quality products for you. They believe in proper assembling of marine parts to ensure promising journey in the sea.

In association with many manufacturers, they are aware of the pros and cons of various products from various manufacturers. This makes them offer the best in class operative outboard parts for you explaining the pros and cons of various spare parts and motors.

Honda outboard

Get Great Deals For Honda Motors:

They are one of the most familiar suppliers of outboard parts of marine vehicles. They are known for conducting the most outlandish Honda motors sell in Malta. Being the best suppliers of marine vehicles, they occupy a huge number of market shares in this industry and thus proving their excellence since their inception.

Range Of Products at Best Price:

Check out the catalog of products that are available with them. They have something for you and never fail to offer one product for you. The wide range of products that are available with them will help you in all aspects of your concern. They are known for their outboard parts sells and service since their inception into the industry.

Visit Safe Sea Shop for Getting Your Hands on Trolling Motor

With the introduction of online selling sites, it is now easy to get everything online. No matter, whether you are in need of fish supplies or boat supplies, you can get all products and services online. When it comes on an electric board, you can get this same product online. This comes with a great technology that allows fishing all day.

Osapian Electric Outboard

Speed adjustments

Yes, the osapian electric outboard in Malta includes unmatched control of the boat. You can find anglers which recognize functional and rugged styling easily. They also have reverse and forward speed adjustment options. Its display shows all the directions and holds speed settings. You can get a ten battery level voltage when it turns off.

These motors are best designed to have the longest running time of all the motors in their class and offer a benefit of speed adjustment. Similarly, the Haswing trolling motor includes an integrated hydraulic trimming system. It is completely innovative and holds a steering system along with a steering lever.

Offers precise power control

These trolling motors are best equipped with a speed controller that offers precise control over the power. They are best for trolling at an optimum level of speed. They can be termed as the best for saltwater as well like seas and oceans.


One stop site for Marine supplies

The Safe Sea Shop is one stop solution where you can find all the ship and boat supplies. Their products come with various features and are designed by the experts. Check out their wide range of products and service online today.

Check Out the Boat Handling Jacks & Stands Online

The whole system of boat handling stands as the fastest and safest option to remove the trailer from the boat while repairing, storing or painting them. They are made of quality rated steel which offers complete protection and is much more durable in all terms. You can also get a whole kit can lift up the good weight of the boats.

Also known as poppets

This boat handling jacks kit comes along with the stands, adapters, lifting beam for accommodating the hull shapes and even comes along with lifting stands. Many people call these boats stands as the poppets or jack stands. They are must-have for easy storage and for the boat winterization.


These boat handling jacks & stands are available for power and sail vessels and they come along with the weight and top ratings for accommodating things well. You can also find blocks and related products which helps a lot in storing the boat on the land for a longer period of time.

Comes with additional safety features

The boat stand is highly powerful and can lift more than 3000 pounds. Well, around 4 jacks are required for lifting up a boat. These stands help in the same lifting in the most secure and safest way. For the backup protection, these lifts also come with safety latches and rugged wheels makes them more maneuver and easy in moving.


Additionally, this, in turn, helps in increasing the lifting and reaching range which also results in a safe stop for lifting arms and jack. Check out more about these boat handling kits online at our Marine store Safe Sea Shop.

Importance of Prop Guards and How It Can Help

The prop guards are best used for the stern drive units, outboards and for commercial vessel or yacht tenders boats. They are manufactured with high-end polypropylene. It helps in better controlling directional forces and increases the efficiency of a propeller.

Basically, a prop guard can serve two main purposes. It includes:

It protects propeller and the gearbox from all types of damage if in case a prop strikes with any hard object like a rock.

On the other hand, it protects every person in such circumstances when they come in contact with any of the moving propeller.

Improves efficiency

Some of these prop guards are designed in the best way for serving both the purposes. It stands effective in every nature. Moreover, it improves efficiency and helps a lot in saving fuel without any performance loss. Apart from this, all the boat owners can get them at the lowest prices.

Prop guards

Increases safety levels

This is truly a unique safety product which comes without any electrical wiring, hydraulic hoses or moving parts. One can install it few seconds with minimum tools. It is best for the stern drive and outboard applications. It can increase your safety levels and can boost well your overall performance.

This safety guard offers protection to all the divers, water skiers and all the people that are in and around the boat. This is a must-have boat rescue which can keep the solid water around the propeller. It also assists in taking tighter turns and prevents sideways slip.