The sealant for boats, specifically designed for timber decking!

TikalFlex Teak Seam Caulking is a superior quality, single-component polyurethane sealant designed specifically for use in sealing timber decking and teak surfaces. Our team at Safe Sea Shop in Malta can assure you that it is ideal for sealing the seams between teak planks on boats and yachts where water ingress can cause serious damage if left untreated. This specially formulated sealant is easy to apply and offers excellent adhesion to surfaces such as teak, wood, metal and fiberglass. It is highly flexible, making it ideal for use on surfaces that may be subject to movement or vibration. TikalFlex Teak Seam Caulking provides excellent resistance to UV light, saltwater, and weathering, ensuring a long-lasting seal that will keep your deck looking great for years to come. This product is self-leveling, making it easy to create a smooth, professional finish. Visit, call or email our marine shop for more information.

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