Colour Restorer



Available in 500ml

For many years, the Epifanes Seapower name has led the fleet with the absolute best in cleaners and protectors for boats, cars and mobile homes. In addition to our focus on quality, special attention is given to optimizing ease of application.

Epifanes Seapower Color Restorer renews the original colour and gloss to all faded gel coat surfaces without damaging the gel coat itself. Color Restorer removes severe oxidation, dirt deposits and dullness, producing a fresh looking surface.

This Epifanes Seapower Color Restorer is appropriate for all colours. Even dark coloured gel coats and paints are restored to “like new” condition.

Seapower Color Restorer is a liquid polish on the bases of carnauba wax for the regeneration of luster and colour of weather-beaten surfaces. This product provides for a high gloss surface after polishing.


–        Rubbing firmly increases the polishing effect

–        Use Super Poly Boat Wax to protect the surface against deterioration

12.02 exc. VAT

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