Spray paints with the original colors for maintenance and  painting inboards and outboard marine engine as well as stern-drives units.

Bottle: 400ml.

For motor interiors, inboard engines & I/O.

REF             MOTOR ENGINE                 COLOUR
GS90019                                              Clear Varnish
GS90037         Evinrude                       Blue XP
GS90038         Honda                          Grey Metal
GS90023         Honda .                        Silver Metal
GS90030        Johnson              White (1972-90)- (1993+)
GS90026        Johnson                      White (1981-83)
GS90039        Johnson                     Silver Metal
GS90040        Mariner                        Grey
GS90002        Mercury                       Black
GS90049        Parsun                         Black
GS90032        Suzuki                         Silver (1983-89)
GS90025        Suzuki                         Grey Metal
GS90042        Suzuki                         Black Metal
GS90024        Tohatsu                       Grey Metal (1991)
GS90027       Tohatsu                        Blue Cobalt
GS90043       Tohatsu                        Blue
GS90021      Yamaha                        Blue (1984+)
GS90020      Yamaha                       Grey Metal (1994)
GS90006      Caterpillar                    Yellow
GS90002      Mercruiser                   Black
GS90031      Solé Diesel                 Blue
GS90034      Volvo                         Grey Aquamatic
GS90029      Volvo                         Grey Aquamatic 89
GS90005      Volvo                         Red (1972+)
GS90007      Volvo                         Green water(1972+)
GS90003      Volvo                         Grey metal SX/DPX
GS90004      Yanmar                     Grey metal(1987+)