Fuel Level Sender Capacitive

The new universal capacitive level sender is compatible with the measurement gauges STD (240/33 Ohm, 12 V) and VDO (10/180 Ohm, 12V) and it fits the most part of level gauges in the market. In case of usage with VDO gauge you need only to cut the external brass wire (jumper). It is equipped with an output for alarm which can be acoustic or visual and it is programmed for the 20% (empty alarm). The sensor has no moving parts which limit its wear. Offers precision of measurement, reliability and quality. It has been designed to meet the demand for a precise, durable and easy to install sending unit. It has only two connecting cables as if it was a regular resistive sender. The patented electronic system allows the sender to feed autonomously. It can be connected to the gauge in place of any existing sender without any special adjustment. Thus there are no costs associated with the choice of this type of sender instead of another current model. On request we can supply senders up to 1000 mm.

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