Hydraulic Steering Up To 150Hp

Complete kit for boats with outboard engines up to 150 HP. Helm pump made in aluminum, with a non-return and pressure relief valves. Cylinder in aluminum and stainless steel, with breather valves.


Model Description
CSH 018 Helm Pump Front Mount Helm pump 18cc
SOC 3016h Front Mount Outboard cylinder.
Turns lock to lock: 5.6
SF OIL 15 Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic oil 1 liter x 2 bottles
NH 04-SS-07 Hydraulic Hose Hydraulic Hose 1/4, 7 meter x 2
Accessories included Helm pump fittings, Helm pump mounting hardware kit,Accessories kit OAK-300 (Bleed tube, Funnel, Oil supply tube)

677.96 exc. VAT

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