Kanberra Gel Natural Air Purifier

Kanberra Gel is an all natural formula that utilizes Australian Tea Tree Oil (TTO) as a key ingredient. Tea Tree Oil is famous around the world as a natural, topical antiseptic with antifungal properties. TTO is an ingredient commonly found in toothpastes, mouthwashes, antiseptic creams and ointments.

Kanberra Gel Benefits

  • Proprietary formula containing pure, pharmaceutical grade Australian Tea Tree Oil with antiseptic and antifungal properties.
  • Forced and natural air flow activates the gels vapors throughout the craft.
  • Effectively attack a wide range of bacteria, molds and fungi.
  • 100% natural ingredients – safe around kids and pets.
  • Protects HVAC components from mildew and mold growth – save on upkeep costs.
  • Penetrates porous materials and provides long-lasting protection.

Marine Applications

  • A revolutionary new way to clean air and eliminate mold and mildew on your vessel.
  • Placed within the air handling units, or an inconspicuous place in the cabin – air is cleaner and healthier, as the gel neutralizes odors and impurities.
  • Protects against mold and mildew damage in these vital areas:
  • Deck Storage Lockers, Rope Lockers, Bait Lockers, Lazzarettes, Interior Galleys, Bilge Areas.
  • Chiller Systems & Fresh Air Make Up Units.
  • Black Water System Pipe works.
  • Electronics Panel Components.

Around the Home Applications

  • Place it in just about any room for ongoing protection – bedrooms, closets, basement storage areas.
  • When placed in the air handler of an HVAC system, the gel can work throughout the house.
  • Removes allergens from your indoor air to provide some added relief from the impurities that can cause allergic reactions and asthma symptoms.
  • All natural, with no chemicals – safe to use around kids and pets.


Canister Size Area Marine Use
2 oz. Small, 100 sq. ft. or less Protects a vessel less than 20 feet. Use in head, bilge, compartments, small cabins.
4 oz. Medium, 100-200 sq. ft. Protects a vessel up to 25 ft. Place in medium cabins and air handling units.
8 oz. Large, 200 sq. ft. or larger Protects a vessel up to 40 ft. Place in larger cabins and air handling units.
16 oz. Very large Protects a vessel up to 60 ft.

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