For extracting oil, diesel, water or other liquids.
Manual Pump only takes a few strokes to create the vacuum for extraction.Very useful device for extracting liquid and storage. Oil can be extractor by inserting the suction probe into the dipstick hole. Extracts liquid from inaccessible areas such as fuel tanks and bilges.
Easy pour spout means you can easily dispense the liquid that was extracted.Built in holder for inlet tube to keep all the parts of the unit together

Ref. Litre Height x Width. Weight Max Temperature
GS20080 4 496 x 204mm 2.1kg 100 ºC
GS20081 6 648 x 204mm 2.4kg 100 ºC
GS20082 18 700 x 350mm 4.9kg 100 ºC

91.42200.00 exc. VAT

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