Star Tron Stabilizer+ Fuel Storage

Star Tron Stabilizer+ is perfect for stored vehicles−from motorcycles, boats, lawn equipment, classic cars and everything in between. Customers can protect their investments while ensuring a great start-up every time.

Why stabilize with Enzymes + Corrosion Inhibitors?
Enzymes stabilize fuel to keep it fresh and break down contaminants such as gum, varnish and moisture, while corrosion inhibitors provide an added layer of protection to metal surfaces, helping to fight against internal rust.

  • PREVENT – Moisture buildup, gum, varnish, and carbon deposits
  • PROTECT – Internal components with premium corrosion inhibitors
  • ENSURE – Fuel quality up to two years for all-weather, any-season storage
  • 1 oz. treats 5 gallons of gas
  • For all ethanol blends and non-ethanol gasoline (petrol)


Add Star Tron Stabilizer+ to fuel prior to storing to protect against corrosion and fuel breakdown. Remove cap and pour directly into tank.

WORKS IN ALL GAS ENGINES. Not recommended for diesel fuel.

12.02 exc. VAT

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