Waste water systems

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Macerator pump specifically designed for sanitation waste.
Port inlet: 1-1/2’’ – Outlet: 1’’

Ref. Description
 GS50040  (1) WASTE TANK 50L.
 GS50041  (1) WASTE TANK 75L.
 GS50045  (1) WASTE TANK 100L.
 GS50042  (1) WASTE TANK 47L. R
 GS50043  (1) WASTE TANK 78L. R
 GS50044  (1) WASTE TANK 130L. R
 GS30252  (3) HOSE ADAPTOR (Male) 3/8″-16mm
 GS30255  (4) HOSE ADAPTOR (Female) 1/2″ – 15mm
 GS31152  (6) TANL VENT 16mm
 GS31110  (7a)DECK PLATE «WASTE» Stainless Steel
 GS31104  (7b)DECK PLATE «WASTE» Chromed bronze
 GS31107  (7c)DECK PLATE «WASTE» Chromed bronze
 GS20070  (8a)«Y» VALVE 38 mm
 GS20072  (8b)«Y» VALVE 38 mm
 GS50032  (9) VENTED LOOP 25mm
 GS50020  (10)MACERATOR PUMP 12V. TW
 SFMP112001  (10)MACERATOR PUMP 12V. Seaflo
 SH3200-001  (10)MACERATOR PUMP 12V. Shurflo
 GS30251  (11) HOSE ADAPTOR (Male) 1-1/2″ – 38mm
 GS30134  (12)HOSE ADAPTOR (Male) 1″ – 25mm
 GS30013  (13)BALL VALVE 1″
 GS30053  (14)THRU HULL SCUPPER 1″
 TRI148-0586  SANITATION HOSE 16mm 15m.
 TRI148-1006  SANITATION HOSE 25mm 15m.
 TRI148-1126  SANITATION HOSE 38mm 15m.
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GS50040 (1) WASTE TANK 50L., GS50041 (1) WASTE TANK 75L., GS50045 (1) WASTE TANK 100L., GS50042 (1) WASTE TANK 47L. R, GS50043 (1) WASTE TANK 78L. R, GS50044 (1) WASTE TANK 130L. R, GS50038 (2) WASTE LEVEL INDICATOR, GS30252 (3) HOSE ADAPTOR (Male) 3/8"-16mm, GS30255 (4) HOSE ADAPTOR (Female) 1/2" – 15mm, GS50037 (5) CARBON FILTER, GS31152 (6) TANL VENT 16mm, GS31110 (7a)DECK PLATE «WASTE» Stainless Steel, GS31104 (7b)DECK PLATE «WASTE» Chromed bronze, GS31107 (7c)DECK PLATE «WASTE» Chromed bronze, GS20070 (8a)«Y» VALVE 38 mm, GS20072 (8b)«Y» VALVE 38 mm, GS50032 (9) VENTED LOOP 25mm, GS50020 (10)MACERATOR PUMP 12V. TW, SFMP112001 (10)MACERATOR PUMP 12V. Seaflo, SH3200-001 (10)MACERATOR PUMP 12V. Shurflo, GS30251 (11) HOSE ADAPTOR (Male) 1-1/2" – 38mm, GS30134 (12)HOSE ADAPTOR (Male) 1" – 25mm, GS30013 (13)BALL VALVE 1", GS30053 (14)THRU HULL SCUPPER 1", TRI148-0586 SANITATION HOSE 16mm 15m., TRI148-1006 SANITATION HOSE 25mm 15m., TRI148-1126 SANITATION HOSE 38mm 15m.


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