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With the introduction of online selling sites, it is now easy to get everything online. No matter, whether you are in need of fish supplies or boat supplies, you can get all products and services online. When it comes on an electric board, you can get this same product online. This comes with a great technology that allows fishing all day.

Osapian Electric Outboard

Speed adjustments

Yes, the osapian electric outboard in Malta includes unmatched control of the boat. You can find anglers which recognize functional and rugged styling easily. They also have reverse and forward speed adjustment options. Its display shows all the directions and holds speed settings. You can get a ten battery level voltage when it turns off.

These motors are best designed to have the longest running time of all the motors in their class and offer a benefit of speed adjustment. Similarly, the Haswing trolling motor includes an integrated hydraulic trimming system. It is completely innovative and holds a steering system along with a steering lever.

Offers precise power control

These trolling motors are best equipped with a speed controller that offers precise control over the power. They are best for trolling at an optimum level of speed. They can be termed as the best for saltwater as well like seas and oceans.


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Osapian Electric Outboard

Osapian Electric Outboard for boats

The Osapian models have a durable 12-volt motor, the 55 LBS versions. In order to handle the equipment with optimum ease, the speed control of the Osapian Electric Outboard for boat is equipped with 3 reverse positions and 5 forward. The weight of this kind of Osapian is low and so is very easily portable. Thanks to the foldable steering bar which is also extremely compact.

The motor can be easily lifted in and out of water immediately and the best part is that the height of the tail is adjustable. It can be used for almost any kind of water depth.

Osapian Electric Outboard

Some important details about the Osapian available
At present the Osapian 55 is available in black color.

• Shaft Length: 33.5” (850 mm)
• Thrust Level: 55 pounds (lbs.) thrust
• Voltage: 12 volts
• Build in Battery meter: 5 levels battery
• Speed Control: 5 speed levels for forward / 3 speed levels
• Output (Max): 540W
• Amp-Rated: 44-55 Amps
• Mount type: 10 levels transom mount lock bracket
• Control Handle: Extend-length 13.7”(350mm)/fold angle 110
• Maximum size boat recommended: 15.5 ft. (5.5)/load 880 lbs. 400kg
• Propeller: 3 blade propeller
• Net weight: 18.8 lbs. (8.2kg)