H2O Dinghy Davit System

The H2O Dinghy Davit has a Sleek Euro Design, Marine Grade High Density Polyethylene Cradles and Stainless Steel Components, Functions as Good as it Looks, and is Impervious to Harsh Environments.  Our revolutionary new stainless steel mounting system provides a quick release, leaving a very small footprint profile that could pull a barge.  Each mount footprint requires only two bolts for the install and only stands 5/8″ high leaving a clear deck for any activity.

The H2O has been designed for either soft or hard bottoms.  The soft bottom model offers a wide 3″ footprint for your tender.  This helps in the support of the transom where most of the weight is and is much easier on the bottom.  If you start out with a soft bottom tender and upgrade to a hard bottom, no problem, remove the soft bottom pads and add the adjustable Chock Pads.

The H2O Dinghy Davit™ is easily mounted on the swim platform.  This hassle free system lets you lift and pull your dinghy on for easy storage or just push-off for launching

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