Tailor-made GRP tunnels

Our tailor-made GRP tunnels are filament wound. Unlike all our competitors which use the far cheaper and poorer quality polyester resins, our tunnels are constructed from glass fiber filaments coated with epoxy resin as they are wound. In comparison with the wide-spread polyester tunnels, our thruster tunnels offer the following:
  • Excellent impregnation characteristics and compatibility with any material (and therefore with the totality of the hulls, whether they are in polyester or epoxy)
  • Supreme resistance to moisture and minimal water absorption
  • Used for the production of components for optical fibers submarine lines, ensuring characteristics stability for over 60 years
  • Unritvalled fatigue and chemical resistance, which minimizes the adverse effects of aging
  • Better elasticity (best elastic modulus)
  • Less crystalline (not cracking in operation)
Ref Tunnel Length
GS64023 125mm x 1m
GS64024 125mm x 1.5m
GS64025 125mm x 2m
GS64026 125mm x 3m
GS64027 150mm x 1m
GS64028 150mm x 1.5m
GS64029 150mm x 2m
GS64030 150mm x 3m
GS64031 185mm x 1m
GS64032 185mm x 1.5m
GS64033 185mm x 2m
GS64034 185mm x 3m


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