Standard Electric Bow Truster

ThrustEMS envisions our understanding of the complete and ultimately reliable Electrical Maneuvering System (hence the abbreviation). Our ThrustEMS bow thrusters, especially when used together with a ThrustEMS stern thruster, prove invaluable when mooring or leaving the marina.
Taking full control of your boat when trying to berth in the ever tinier marina boxes or in a congested dock with little maneuvering space available is no longer a troublesome experience.
Regardless of harsh environmental conditions, such as strong side wind and severe water currents, our ThrustEMS product range is there to provide the required steering and maneuvering support.

Electric bow thrusters. 3 minutes continuous operation


  • Made of seawater resistant bronze, all shaft and bearing surfaces are CNC machined to 2/1000mm accuracy
  • Its hydrodynamic shape ensures low water resistance and thus less cavitation
  • Heavy-duty seal designed for separation of two media, combining excellent contamination protection and supreme sealing performance
  • Hardened spiro-conical gears, developed for us by leading German manufacturers. The precise elemental geometry leads to a quieter running of the gear sets and longer lifetime
Ref Boat Length KW KG Prop Ø V Thrust force at 10.5V
GS64001 6.5-10M 2.2 11.40 Single 6 blade 125mm 12V 40kgf
GS64002 8.5-12.5m 3.0 18.06 single 6 blade 150 mm 12V 60kgf
GS64003 8.5-13m 3.0 18.50 single 6 blade 185mm 12V 80kgf
GS64004 10.5-16 4.4 18.90 twin 6 blade 185mm 12V 90kgf
GS64005 12-16m 4.7 19.50 twin 6 blade 185mm 24V 90kgf
GS64006 12-18m 5.7 27.34 twin 6 blade 185mm 12V 100kgf
GS64007 12-18m 5.7 27.34 twin 6 blade 185mm 24V 100kgf


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