Ref: GS64015

The panel has a dip-switch which allows to change factory settings to your own wishes. This makes the panels suitable for all boat types. With the splitter cables a connection to a fly-bridge panel can be made very easily.

Features of the thruster controller:

    • Neoprene gasket
    • Perfect protection of the electrical parts by use of:
      • Coated printed wiring board and rear cover to protect against humidity and salt air
      • Large components glued to protect against vibrations.
    • Waterproof connectors IP 67. Latch lever lock, to ensure a 100% connection also in case of vibrations
    • Dip-switch for changing factory settings
    • Stainless bracket

The following functions are controlled by a microprocessor:

  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Automatic switch-off of the panel
    • Switch-off after 30 minutes (factory setting)
    • Switch-off after 60 minutes
    • Switch-off after 120 minutes
    • Don’t switch-off automatically
  • Time delay of 1 second
  • Protection against continuous operation of 2 minutes
  • Built-in temperature protection
  • Child protection
  • Wire break detection


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